Say His Name

As time passes seldom is the name of our child mentioned to us. Most people feel it will make us uneasy. If only they knew! There are exceptions though; close family and friends are supportive and loving. They are still concerned, still listen, and still care. Thank God for them. For others, the intense grieving is over. The time has come to get back to living life. But for us time has stood still. "What can we do?" you ask. Please say his name to us; our love for our child did not die with his passing.

His name is etched forever in our hearts. The sounds of his voice we hear within our head each and every day. You may feel he is gone. We feel he lives within us and those who love him. Please say his name to us and say his name again and again for it is music to our soul.

Please don't bury his memory in silence. When you remember him share it with us. It just might make our day. What he is in spirit is what gives us the strength and courage to go on. He was a part of our past and we will carry him with us into the future. Please understand we cannot and will not forget him. Every day with out him is a challenge. With your help we will heal, with your support we will gain strength.

We realize that you cannot know how we feel. What we have lost, you can only imagine. Yesterday we were like you. We did not choose to journey down this road that no parent wants to go. Understand that we have been forever changed. Please say his name; it brings us comfort and peace.

In many ways we've never parted with our child, his love entwined with ours always. His spirit is with us in every sunrise, and every starlit sky. To us he is real. Silently he walks beside us, holding our hand. He is our child, we love him as we always did and always will. Please say his name to us and say is again and again. For today and every day we remember him.

~Author Unknown

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