One Year Ago

Time flies so quickly
As we watch our baby grow.
It's hard to believe
You were born one year ago.

What a journey it has been as I
Look back on your first year,
Not knowing what the future held
Was our biggest fear.

As they whisked you away,
My heart dropped to the floor,
Why couldn't I hold you
Just one minute more?

So many questions
We didn't know why
A child of God's creation
With each breath, you'd try and try.

Laryngomalacia, the Doctors would say
For you to breathe freely,
It�s all we'd pray.

Tubes and monitors were all we could see
It was hard to believe that underneath
Lay an innocent little baby.

Five surgeries later
And a strong little heart,
You continue to fight as always
Just like you did from the start.

Your Daddy calls you his hero.
Your strength like no other.
For all the while,
We knew it would be okay
By your amazing little smile.

To me, you are an angel
A precious gift from above.
It's amazing how one can be
So overwhelmed with love.

One year ago,
I couldn't visualize this day
A beautiful, healthy and active boy.
I thank God everyday.

For what you have taught us
Is incredible
And the love we have for you
Is indescribable!

~Mommy (5/2002)